Once I learnt about using hydrolate for face care instead of water (see MY MORNING RITUAL). I found the idea very reasonable and worth trying.

My first difficulty (it took a conscious effort!) was not to splash cold water to my eyes after the night sleep, and still to open them. The second difficulty (it took real courage!) was to look at myself in the mirror right after waking up.  And still …

…I bravely sprayed my hydrolate on the face keeping the eyes wide open. Then on the neck. A funny, tickling feel on the skin, subtle enough not to make me shrink but just laugh. And zero irritation of the eyes. On the contrary, they were smiling and shining – at 6:30 am!


Hey my dear, how about speeding up for the day?! And still I paused. I was enjoying looking in the mirror – it was like playing a game, kind of  “Find 10 differences from the former you”.  …To play… a game… jouer… le jeu…Joy!  The word “en-joy” comes from  “to-play”!

While the skin was absorbing the hydrolate I started gently massaging my cream. Better say – my fingers were “surfing” naturally on the half-wet skin and, like antenna, were transferring tactile sensations of easiness to body muscles. The whole body started smiling!


The “surfing” analogy reminded me of a phrase I heard on the beach: The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun.

I believe the difficulty in developing healthy habits originates in the approach being used. It duplicates the one dealing with pain – fight, overcome, force yourself…

Focus is on result (no pain). Process is secondary, just to be “tolerated” temporary till result is gained.

For me, living healthy means switching focus to processes, to consciously choosing those ones that all along the way awaken in you sensations of joy and easiness (living “without-ease” literally is a “dis-ease”).

My healthy habits are about joy. The morning face care ritual with hydrolate as a starter including. Welcome on board!