Creams that we buy in the shops contain ingredients that might have a doubtful impact on our health, as well as on the environment.

We feed our body with endocrine disruptors and with ingredients that have carcinogenic potential. Daily. They can accumulate in the lymph nodes and liver. They stay in the body and are not eliminated.

It is normal to question if the health damage > the desired benefit.

Have you already thought about trying a doing by yourself a fresh homemade cream? No chemicals and no preservatives.

Are you ready to open the door into your life and embrace Nature power? Yes, but where to start?



Super easy and effective cream you can do by yourself. You would fully benefit from the power of natural ingredients especially when you opt for organic ones:

– Aloe vera gel. It is important to use an aloe vera gel that is ”clean” and does not contain preservatives. Read well what is written on the label. If you use fresh all gel leaf, select only gel part since latex has a potential carcinogenic impact. See one of my previous articles about that.

– Vegetable oil, for example jojoba oil, which has a good affinity with the skin and is suitable for any skin type.

– Optional essential oils or another active depending on the aiming result. For example 1-2 drops of pomegranate CO2 extract or 1 drop of Ho Wood essential oil. There is a dedicated article about these ingredients in the article dedicated to skin regeneration. Always consult a pharmacists or other professional before using any essential oil

I mix directly into my hands aloe vera gel with vegetable oil. Same quantity of each and only as much as I need for one application. A fresh dosage of fresh skin care each time I need it. I get a gel consistency. I apply it by gentle massage on face and neck. It is especially pleasant during hot summer days.

It can be also suitable for under eye area (no essential oils in that case).



If you are curious and are ready to try, then you might start with applying on hands and see the feeling you get. Don’t make conclusions immediately. Give your skin and yourself time. It is a change of mindset first of all. As long as we know WHY we do it, then we stop comparing with what we used to have. We focus on new sensations, listen to our skin and discover our way enjoying as well the results.

Try different vegetable oils depending on the context, on results you would like to get and type of skin. Sensations might be different. I will share more on my learnings and experience in the next posts.



I love doing more complex creams following a special methodology which in fact is similar to what we buy in the shops. The main difference is that I can use natural and organic ingredients.

However, I should admit that simplicity is amazing and can bring the same or even superior results. I use this skincare almost daily. Happy 😊 skin = happy 😊 me.


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