Natural Vitamin E source for mature skin

Natural Vitamin E source for mature skin

Barbary Fig or Nopal Fig or Prickly Pear. At the beginning I was thinking it’s a Fig variety and that it looks similar to classical Fig. Not at all!

I was courios to taste it. Even if it is the end of the season now, I could still find it in our organic shop. When I have seen the “Fig”, I have realized that I have already tried it in Mexico. In fact, it is a fruit of a Cactus that also grows in Mediterranean area. The botanical name is Opuntia ficus indica.

The inside colour gives the impression that it has accumulated generously the sun energy. It has a sweet with a slightly acid taste. It is rich in water and has a lot of seeds. Really a lot. My impression was that about 30% of the fruit are seeds.


Vegetable oil

The vegetable oil is obtained from these seeds by cold pressure. The seeds contain only 5% of oil, which makes it precious. 1 tone of fruits are necessary to get 1 l of vegetable oil. Moreover, it is also challenging to gather the fruits since don’t forget they grown on a “cactus leaf” and there are a lot of spines.

Prickly Pear vegetable oil is quite expensive to tell the truth when I compare with other oils prices. However, when I calculate the cost per dosage I use to apply on the skin, actually it is much more affordable than many creams on the market promising antioxidants effects.

Barbary vegetable oil is a real gold mine of vitamin E source, 1000 mg/kg. Do you know another oil with such a high concentration? Vitamin E is a natural anti oxidant that is important for mature skin. In addition, it contains other elements like omega 6. Barbary vegetable oil is known to help skin cells regenerating, improve its elasticity and protect from dehydration. 


How to use

Once I tried it, I have adopted it in my beauty rituals. I love integrating it into my magic formulas, especially in face serum. However, simplicity brings marvellous results: 

❀ I add Barbary Fig organic vegetable oil to the cream dosage just before applying on the face or body. I estimate around 5% of the total volume. 

❀ I mix directly into my hands the same quality of organic aloe vera gel and vegetable oil and then apply the resulted gel on the clean skin by gentle massage. It is quickly absorbed and I feel a velvety skin afterward. 

❀ For the under eyes area, I apply the oil directly on the skin or add 1 drop of pomegranate seed CO2 extract. 


Simple and Fresh! I put into action the power of nature and benefit from it directly. It takes seconds to prepare and I can take as long time as I want to spoil my skin and soul.

In Harmony with myself and the nature.


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