Hair mask

Hair mask

Today I have cooked for myself and have prepared a hair mask. A hydrating and strengthening one. 

Egg yolk is an important ingredient I usually use for hair care. I add available ingredients I have home like avocado/banana/lemon, vegetable oil (argan, avocado, jojoba), honey. 

Today I have mixed:

  • one organic egg yolk
  • one organic 🍌banana
  • one spoon of organic honey collected by the bees from wildflowers
  • one spoon of organic argan vegetable oil


The egg proteins strengthen and revitalize the hair, the oil and honey nourish it in depth, from roots to ends.

I have put the masque on all hair lengths, covered the head with a cap and left it for as long as I can and as long as my family could tolerate me: at least 20 minutes. 

When you use egg yolk for hair masque, do not rinse it with hot water. You want to avoid egg omelette on your head.


Happy hair and happy us!

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