We missed so much the sun that our skin is more sensible then ever. At least mine. There are many ingredients that help caring of skin before, during and after sun exposure. I have selected vegetable oils of Raspberry and Tomato because they:

Рare efficient; 

– are good both for skin and hair caring;

– can be also used in daily beauty routines all year long especially for mature skin;

– are made from local products and do not need to travel thousands km. We have a positive impact on environment especially when you opt for organic oil.



RASPBERRY vegetable oil is obtained from the small seeds of the berry. 

It is protecting the skin from dehydration and it maintains the skin elasticity. 

It reduces skin redness and calms irritations. 

You would find in different sources that raspberry vegetable oil has an SPF protection between 28-50.

I would not rely just on it for the sun protection (more to come in a separate post), however I actively use it in daily skin care during these sunny days. 

Raspberry vegetable oil is rich in vitamin E and carotenoids, which are important for reducing the signs of aging. That is why it has interesting properties for mature and sensible daily skin care: repairing, healing and nourishing the skin.



TOMATO vegetable oil is very rich in antioxidants fighting against photo-aging.

It is also helping to maintain the hydration of the skin and has similar effects as raspberry oil. Together they reinforce each others properties and ensuring a better result. 

It is obtained from the tomato seeds and has a red orange colour. That is why I add it at max 10% in my formulas. It gives a healthy glow to the skin.



Do you remember the easy natural DIY skincare? I mix directly into my hands aloe vera gel with raspberry vegetable oil. Same quantity of each and only as much as I need for one application. It is very pleasant to be applied since it is quickly absorbed by skin. I prefer this gel to a cream during hot summer days. It can be used for face or body caring.

From time to time, I add to above formula tomato vegetable oil. I use 90% of raspberry oil and maximum 10% of tomato vegetable oil. 

Both oils can be incorporated as well in hair care during summer. Just a point to remember: both oils are sensible and can not be used in formulas where you heat oils. They should be added as cold ingredients.

Beautiful colourful natural products for a healthy summer skin and hair care. 

Enjoy the summer!

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