How to exfoliate delicately face skin

How to exfoliate delicately face skin


Our skin cells live 28 days. The dead cells accumulate and as a consequence, our skin might look dull and grey.

When we clean and remove the dead cells, the skin becomes brighter and gets a healthier fresh look. Our skin is illuminating!



I will share with you a recipe that is:

– Not aggressive 

– Simple and contains products you might already have in your kitchen

– Efficient

– Suitable for any skin type, including sensitive


The main ingredient is OATMEAL. It naturally contains saponin. In my language, ”sapon” means soap. Saponin is a cleansing agent that acts as a mild soap removing the dead skin cells, sebum excess, and opens the pores.

Besides cleansing effect, oatmeal has also an anti-inflammatory properties calming irritated skin.

HONEY is the 2nd ingredient. It is moisturizing, antibacterial, antiseptic and gives radiance to the skin. It also has a nourishing effect.



  • 2 tablespoons of organic oatmeal
  • 3 tablespoon of hot water. I prefer to use instead organic camomile hydrolate
  • 1 tablespoon of organic honey

Oatmeal can be used as flakes or transformed into flour. I add the hot water on the oatmeal. Then the honey. I let oatmeal absorb the water. It transforms into a paste. I apply on the face, neck and hands making gentle circular movements. You will see that it dries very quickly. I rinse after 5-10 minutes with warm water and afterwards spray a hydrolate.



The best time to exfoliate is morning since the skin is regenerating during the night and accumulates dead cells. You can apply the mask once per week.

I like a lot oatmeal and helped me and my family when I had skin SOS: aggressed, irritated, red. When you cook for breakfast oatmeal, keep a spoon of them and apply on face or just massage your hands. You will see that even after one minute the effect is there. If you add some drops of honey, is even better. Simple. Natural. Illuminating.



I would think about the second step helping the cells to regenerate and stimulate the skin self-repairing mechanism. Therefore, I use the POMEGRANATE Seed CO2 extract.

It is powerful for sensitive skincare, as well as anti-age mature skincare.

You can add 2-3 drops directly to your cream dosage which you apply after the scrub and then daily in the evening cream dosage for at least 2 weeks.

It is also suitable for eye skincare. You can add 1-2 drops to eye care cream dosage or to avocado/rose oil you apply to the eye area.

In harmony with YourSelf and Nature.

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