My family doctor said that most probably I have the famous virus, but I can not be tested to confirm it. I have discovered that I have very close friends who are in the same situation. We have the symptoms, but we are not confirmed. We are not part of the official statistics we all see on internet or TV. How many of us are there?



It is not easy to stand up and say to everybody that I am one of potential people who had COVID-19. Nevertheless, I have decided to tell my story now because:

  • It is not an individual challenge, it is a collective one and only helping each other we will succeed. 
  • I hope my experience will help my friends and other people to prevent or get through it easier, quicker and with less consequences
  • I want to thank Dr Aromatherapist Aude Maillard who guided me permanently with the aromatherapy protocol that worked for me and my husband. I could do something to support my body to boost the immunity and gather all the forces in front of the virus
  • Dr Aude Maillard was there for me each day, any time even if I am a stranger to her. It touched me deeply
  • I have at least the duty to share what helped me with others who might be in the same situation, make them aware and then each of us is taking own decision
  • While scientists, states, and industries are looking for a solution to win the war, we need to save time and survive our own battles.

I share openly my experience and through what and how I passed. I have hesitated a lot. Should I first wait by the moment a serological test will appear and I would do it to get an official result?

As long as it can help at least one more person now, it is worthwhile. If you are sceptical, then better invest your time in something else valuable for yourself. Those who are empathically open to learn, I invite to read further. I will start from the beginning. 



I had the pleasure to attend several aromatherapy workshops led by Dr Aude Maillard last year. I follow her activity, I read her books and I have integrated into my daily life many of her advices. I trust and respect her work. 

When Dr Aude Maillard published “COVID-19: 4 ESSENTIAL OILS for making barrier in front of CORONAVIRUS” (“COVID-19 : 4 HUILES ESSENTIELLES pour faire barrière au CORONAVIRUS”) on her website, I have immediately put on my shopping list the recommended essential oils. I also shared the info with some of my friends.

The details are available at below link. It is in French. Put it in google translate to get the details. In essence, it is about prevention and what to do in case you face the virus, how to help the body better manage the immune shock and mobilize the forces to fight.




We have been in containment at home for 13 days. I was working remotely and I have never gone out. My husband went once to grocery shop, once to pharmacy and once per 3 days to take the trash out. That’s all. We followed strictly the isolation. We did not walk out an animal, no sport outside etc. 

Nevertheless, one morning (on day 13), my husband waked up and said he thinks he has an indigestion. Within minutes he has started to have headache and other pains etc. He “has fallen” down and could not even move, no energy, no appetite, just pains. He slept whole day. I could see the struggle but could not really understand through what he was passing.



Next day around midday, I was working from home and doing a document on computer. Suddenly, I have felt a horrible headache, my body started to shake. I understood that now is my turn. Still I decided to finalise the doc and send it to colleague and then close the computer. I needed 5 min max. Actually you do not have 5 min available. The virus is invading you like a hurricane, suddenly, quickly and intensively. Even if you do mental and physical effort to concentrate, you can not. I was seeing like in fog, barely could move the head. And pains! I think there is no adjective yet to define them: head, ears, neck, chest, even all teeth, muscles, articulations. I have learnt a new definition of pain, in terms of intensity, but also in terms of dimension. I wanted to vomit, but did not. I could barely speak and move the head because of pains. I had the feeling I do not have enough air to breath. Lack of energy. I was trembling but had low temperature, 35-35,6 C. I also lost the sense of smelling. When you have the horrible pains, you even do not notice it. We realized it because we could not sense the essential oils, we have been using with my husband and our children were complaining on intense smell. 

Now looking back, I could say that it was a real shock for the body. It faced an unknown and powerful virus. It tried to gather all possible forces to fight and reallocated them from parts where usually we have issues. Then you start feeling also consequences, like a pain in a leg where usually you have a problem. 

I had the feeling that I am a guest in my body and somebody else has taken over the control and was ruling. It is quite a strong and strange sensation. For children it was a shock seeing us one by one falling down within minutes. 



Next day we had a remote visit to our doctor and he said that most probably we have the virus. We need to take paracetamol and rest. If we can not breathe from time to time, it is normal. Only if we are not breathing for a longer period continuously, we should worry and call. We understand that French healthcare system was overloaded and that there are priorities. 

You are left to manage by yourself and it is your immunity to fight versus virus. And the virus is powerful!



We have on our side powerful natural molecules which actually were used since centuries by our predecessors. Since I have opened this world for a while for myself, I have not hesitated. I have applied the synergy of essential oils from the very beginning:

  • Laurel, bay, Laurus nobilis
  • Tea tree, Melaleuca alternifolia
  • Thyme, linalool, Thymus vulgaris. (Pay attention that there are many types of Thyme)
  • I did not have Ginger or Copahu and managed with the above 3 essential oils. I would recommend to select well the manufacture of essential oils since quality can be different.


I had the synergy recommended by Dr. Aude Maillard prepared since I used it the day before for my husband. If it would not have been ready, I doubt I had the forces to prepare the synergy. I have sent a message to Dr Aude Maillard that I am facing potentially the virus and I have started to apply the synergy. She has immediately answered and offered her help not matter which time of the day. She was accompanying us closely. There are no words to thank!!!!

Due to Dr Aude Maillard, we could boost body immunity and also our moral! I have applied 20 drops of the synergy up to 8 times per day and then gradually decreased to 10 drops up to 3 times per day. At certain point I felt that the cough could start and we have added essential oil of Fir, Abies balsamea

You can read on Dr Aude Maillard website how essential oils work. The sensation is that they are “waking up” and focusing your forces to defend your body. It is like mobilizing all troops you have, active and reservists, to win the war. 

Also we have noticed that the immunity is so much stressed that I had eczema on hands and my husband on arms. At the beginning I thought it is a dermato issue, but not, it improved and passed after several days. Most probably linked to the virus. Anyway, all skin is becoming grey and very dry. 



We had periods when we felt better, then again were down (especially evenings and nights). We have been both ill and were trying to do minimum necessary things like cooking pasta, rice. One by one depending who had more forces. One day we have decided to do polenta which we thought is simple and quick. We did not have forces to mix it. First my husband, then myself. Now it is funny looking back. At that moment we had no energy to do simple things.

We could clearly not go shopping outside for 2 weeks. Good we had some provisions. Still required some things to buy for children. Vegetables and fruits. I was trying to order home delivery. What a challenge! This is when I felt potentially the same way as the states hunting for masks. I had to insist and connect many times to be able to find a slot in one of the shops. If you do it during the night, you might get a slot!

We always asked ourselves, how will it be tomorrow and hope that it will be only better. On day 6, I have started to feel that I might be stronger than the virus. I was afraid not to underestimate the virus and even did not write anything to Dr Aude Maillard. Superstitious. Day 7, I felt better and it was reassuring that we are on the right way. 



We had some friends who were aware that we are passing through this experience and thank you for all the positive energy and vibes you have been sending to us! For those who are learning now about this experience, please understand that we saved the energy on fighting. We felt you closely as well and I think many of you thought about us without realizing why. I think we never been so “close”. A huge THANK to Dr Aude Maillard who helped us even if we were strangers to her! We are going well now. Our doctor confirmed that we passed the critical period. We need some time to fully recover.



What I have learnt from this experience is that the best remedy we have is our humanity. The virus is testing and revealing our true essence and values. Only collectively we can pass through it!


Stay healthy! Stay stronger together!


PS: This is my story. Pay attention, essential oils are powerful natural molecules. Please ask the advice of the pharmacists, aromatherapists or healthcare professional before using them. 

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