How to resist food temptation

How to resist food temptation

“You have to try on your jeans from time to time, because your pyjama can be very misleading”. I have read it last week in social media.

How to resist food temptation when we are home the whole day with full fridge and other provisions around. We know that we will be in this situation for several weeks.

It has reminded me of Grapefruit essential oil that is known for regulating eating behaviour.



One drop of Grapefruit essential oil on your finger tip and you touch it with your tongue. It saturates the taste buds with a zero calorie intake and it regulates the appetite. I have learned about it at the workshop focused on “Women health before and during menopause” led by Dr. Pharmacist Aude Maillard.



Since I have opened this topic, will share with you one more learning.

Anti cellulite massage oil: 20 drops of Grapefruit essential oil mixed in 1 big spoon of vegetable oil and massage the areas of concern. Page 140 “Le grade guide de l’aromathérapie et des soins beauté naturels”, Aude Maillard.

Pay attention:
⚠️ that grapefruit essential oil is photosensitive and do not expose the areas to direct sunshine within 6 hrs after you apply the synergy. Most probably not the case nowadays for most of us.
⚠️ not suitable for pregnant women
⚠️ If you are curious about discovering Grapefruit essential oil, then please speak to the pharmacist or healthcare professional before using it.


I believe in balance and feeling well in my body. It is about our perception. As long as we are healthy and feel comfortable in our body, why not to taste a home made cheese cake by @mihaelanegrescu or a carrot cakes by @subbotalive on Instagram. I have felt the smell and saveur only by looking at your photos 🤗.

We are home, we enjoy cooking and sharing memorable moments together in our families. We cheer these special moments!

Grapefruit essential oil is also inspiring optimism and joy, is opening the heart ❤️ and revealing the childlike dimension in each and every of us!

Harmony with ourselves and the nature 🌿!

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