Easy organic homemade Lip balm

Easy organic homemade Lip balm

The easiest way to nourish naturally your lips is to use organic shea butter. Put it in a tin or reuse a lip container. Simple, natural and efficient! 

Then you can play and add to shea butter for example almond vegetable oil in a proportion of maximum 40%. 

I was preparing for ski and decided to test a formula which I did in 2 versions: with wax and without wax. 



  • shea butter 20 g
  • cacao butter 6 g
  • organic hazelnut vegetable oil 5 g. I think the best is almond oil. Since I did not have it home, I have used the hazelnut one. 
  • organic bee wax 2-5 flakes. I put 2 flakes. 
  • vitamin E 1 drop



You need to melt in a double boiler all ingredients except Vitamin E. Take it out and wait a little bit to cool down. Then add Vitamin E. Transfer the resulted liquid into a tin or an old lip container. After several hours, the liquid will transform into a cream. If you add wax, then you get it solid. If you don’t add it at all, then it is softer.

The balm can be used for hands caring as well. 

The lip balm I used from a well known mark has good scoring on #yuka_app. See pictures. There are some ingredients like C10-18 TRIGLYCERIDES (emollient) or perfume. However, important it does not contain mineral oils that have doubtful effects on health. Can be a good compromise.

Otherwise why not to have fun and DIY?

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