Last weekend we have visited an expo on well being: Salon BIEN-ETRE Paris. We have noticed these “bouquets”. We were curious to find out what they are made of and which are their purpose. 

The lady explained us that they are made of Vetiver roots and they can be used against the moth. Interesting natural solution, however, since we do not have moths, why to buy. Then the lady asked if we have teenagers. Yes. She recommended to use it for teenagers’ rooms since it has relaxing effect. We decided to try.

The vetiver has a very familiar aroma of earth, wood, even smoked wood. It is a pleasant scent that gives a sensation of comfort and safety.

I searched on internet and actually understood why it is so familiar. The essential oil of Vetiver is used in perfumes for men and other cosmetics products. If you would sense it, you would most probably recognize. 

I plan soon to attend an workshop on how to make natural perfumes and good to know about Vetiver.

Vetiver essential oil is also appreciated in aromatherapy for its tonic and stimulating properties, reputable for improving the circulation and natural defences.

Nature is full of wonders 🦋

PS The teenagers have not welcomed the Vetiver bouquets 🙂

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