Sharing the Light with you from Leonardo da VINCI temporary exhibition at Louvre.

Leonardo da VINCI conveyed MOVEMENT – “the essence of life and defining characteristic of every living creature”. 

Leonardo conveys movement even now. I feel inspired. eMotions generate Motion!


There are two masterpieces that resonated to me a lot:

“Head of a Women”, known as “La Scapigliata” (the women with uncombed hair), National Gallery Parma, Italy


“Saint John the Baptiste”, Louvre, France, one of the last paintings of Leonardo da VINCI.



INNER beauty: imperfect, deep, delicate, natural, real, alive, human.

OUTER beauty: perfect, ideal, powerful, untouchable, divine. 

Women eyes are closed and we can discover the beauty of her SOUL. 

Saint John painting captures our EYE. Being yourself versus managing perception. The way we are and the way we want to be perceived. 

Imperfect and so beautiful, Ideal and so vulnerable. Harmoniously integrated together. 

Let’s take the time and discover HOLISTIC authentic Light of a human. 

I was fully present there, absorbed by Leonardo world. I was also making place to other people to contemplate and find their own story.  

I still wanted to share the Light with you and took the pictures for you. Real, non transformed. I hope the Light is touching you and conveying Movement!

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