My Teeth care ritual

My Teeth care ritual

I will share with you how I manage to have a fresh and even aseptic mouth. One of the 1st habits I have adopted while learning about essential oils was adding 1 drop of tea tree essential oil directly on my tooth brush and then I apply the tooth paste. I do it either 5 days per 7 or during 2 weeks and then 1-week pause. 

I always do a pause while using essential oils. Tea tree gives a sensation of fresh, clean and even aseptic. It is like using a mouth wash solution but 100% natural. 

It seems tea tree essential oil has also an anti tart plaque effect. Usually I go to the dentists once per year to clean the dental tartar. Let’s see further if any change due to new habit. To be tested during longer time. 

I am testing tooth paste recipes and once finding my way, I will definitely complete the post. 

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to share your experience. I would love learning from you and accelerate my results. Which is YOUR way and what works best for YOU?

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