My Hands Care Ritual

My Hands Care Ritual

Our hands are our age barometer. It is important not to forget them and nourish not only face/hair, but full body in a holistic way. I will share with you how I care about hands skin in a natural and simple way.

I learned from my mother to use gloves while cleaning in the kitchen or bathroom. It was quite unusual during her young times. I remember we had a guest coming from Canada and when he saw my mother working with gloves, he was shocked and said she is the only one in the country doing it. So, nowadays, when I need to wash even one dish, I put the gloves. Simple. Just a question of habit. 

I nourish the hands daily by using a cream whenever I can during the day. I have one on my office desk, on the table near the bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen (with a pump), in my car and in my bag. Easily accessible and always available. 

I make specific hand/foot caring creams which are rich nourishing. Mostly for over the night. I also use the creams and serums I do for face or body. I test a lot and I always have several different face creams in parallel. Since I like having the creams fresh without keeping too long periods, I use them as well for hands/body. 

There are many ways to do quick masks for the hands:

When I work in the kitchen, I take some honey/lemon/olive oil/yogurt/fresh avocado/banana/strawberry and apply directly on the hands. I massage the hands and keep it for several minutes. Very simple and when done constantly, the effect is sustainable and visible.

When I watch TV in the evening, I could massage gently some almond/castor oil on nails and around cuticles. Ideally is to add 1 drop of lemon essential oil when applied on the nails.

There are many vegetable oils that could be used for soft hand massage: argan, sweet almond, apricot, jojoba, grape seed, almond, macadamia, rose.

I will share with you my recipes I do for the hands caring. As usual, I would love hearing from YOU. What works best for YOU and what makes YOUR LIFE harmonious?

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