My Hair care ritual

My Hair care ritual

When I have launched my blog, the 1st post I have published was on face skin care ritual. My little daughter asked me after one day how many followers I have. Obviously, none. Hearing that she said, you should have started by publishing the hair ritual since it really works. So, I will share with you simple hair ritual that I like and work for me.

Once I have learned more about essential oils, I have started to add one drop of Essential oil of ylang-ylang into the shampoo or into hair conditioner. Put a nut of shampoo in the hand. Add 1 drop of ylang-ylang essential oil. Mix in the hands and apply it on the hair. 

Ylang-ylang is suitable for all types of hair, is bringing shine, strengthens the hair and is balancing sebum secretion. I have noticed that I can wash the hair less times per week from the moment I have started to add ylang-ylang. 

Before drying the hair, I spray organic apple cider vinegar diluted in water. The effect was immediately visible even the first time I have used it. My colleague asked me if I have cut my hair or what have I done since there was a difference. It happens quite often that I get questions. It is incredible taking into account on how simple it is and at a very low price. 

I use the maximum proportion 1:5, vinegar:water. I put it in a bottle with pump and spray it on wet hair before combing. I prepare a fresh quantity of mist each time I use it. After that I brush and dry. No need for extra rinse. The vinegar can be apple or honey. The ideal: an unpasteurized organic cider apple vinegar, produced in a traditional way. The hair is easier to be combed. Vinegar brings volume and brightness to the hair. 

After I dry, there no specific vinegar smell that can be sensed. I tested it at the beginning during the weekend to be sure. Absolutely no smell after I dry the hair. 

One learning: I have started to apply it directly on the hair and then I have noticed that it is aggressing the face or neck skin. Therefore, I have decided to use a bottle with pump and spray the mixed water with vinegar on wet clean hair. Then I brush and style as usual.

My daughter’s hair is very difficult to detangle. I spray Rosemary Verbenone, (Rosmarinus officinalis CT verbenone) hydrolate on hair and the effect is immediate. Easy to comb. The main challenges could be to find such a hydrolate and also the smell. All hydrolates have “herbal” smell. This is their characteristic. Accepting it is a question of habit and actually I even like the nature aroma.

When I want to strengthen the hair, I spay a mixture of hydrolate of nettle with hydrolate of rosmarinus verbenone 2:1. 

I have learnt to prepare a simple styling wax.  Or I use just aloe gel to style the hair after I dry them. Then I brush and style as usual.

Aloe gel is actually a magic product. Once being back from seaside holidays, I have decided to apply several times per week aloe gel on dry hair. I insisted on the endings. As usual I tried it during the weekend. I have seen that the hair is not becoming greasy. It is easily absorbed and no need to wash them. I do it now quite often now. Easy, quick and very effective. 

I like fresh hair masques and do them once per month. It takes several minutes to prepare. I either use a vegetable oil or to mix it with aloe gel, an egg yolk, avocado, honey.

Tip: when I do oil masques, I do not wash directly the hair with the water. I apply first shampoo directly on the oily hair, massage it well and only after that I rinse with water. I have noticed that in this case the hair does not stay oily afterwards. Oil is not soluble in water and makes sense to dissolve it first.

I will share some simple recipes in separate posts. My favourite ingredients for hair are mango butter, argan oil, jojoba oil, linden flowers hydrolate, rosemary verbenone, aloe gel, honey, egg yolk, fresh avocado, apple cider vinegar, essential oil of ylang-ylang. I also use shea butter, macadamia oil, wheat germ oil, grape seeds oil. The quality of the ingredients is key for me. All of them are also organic. This is in respect to myself and the nature. Harmony!

I would love hearing from you. What works best for YOU and what makes YOUR LIFE harmonious?

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