My Eyes care ritual

My Eyes care ritual

I will share with you my experience in how to take care about eyes and the skin around the eyes.

When I get up in the morning, I spray on my face a hydrolate/floral water. I prefer hydrolate of immortelle, Helichrysum italicum, 100% pur, no additives. When I spray, I keep the eyes open. Yes, the eyes are open. It is just a matter of trust and habit. 

Under the eyes, I use an aloe gel roll, which I keep in the fridge. It is cold and brings a fresh sensation. It contains aloe vera gel, vegetable oil and active ingredients like hyaluronic acid. 

I am making by myself the eye cream. I was amazed by the immediate visible effect of this cream formula. It relaxes the expression wrinkles within seconds. 1st time I used it, I felt like in tele marketing video. I have started to apply it also for the forehead wrinkles. It does not freeze the muscles as famous injections do, but I see immediate smoothing effect. It helped to learn how to relax the face muscles and I have started feeling them. 

Quite an amazing sensation. This cream contains the extract of Acmella oleracea. When used regularly, it reduces the depth of wrinkles while staying 100% natural and being able to express emotions! The main ingredients: hibiscus vegetable oil, marula vegetable oil and extract of Acmella oleracea. I will share the recipe in a separate post.

One of the question I kept asking myself was if I can have one cream, both for face and for eyes? I did a formula which is well tolerate by both and can use it for example when I travel and do not want to carry too many cream boxes. Important is to avoid including essential oils into the formula and then it could be convenient both for face and eyes. See my recipe of face cream for sensitive skin.

In the evening, I could use either rose or avocado vegetable oils for skin around the eyes. I alternate them and since I have discovered their effects and benefits, I often apply oils instead of an eye cream over the night. Rose oil is hydrating, revitalising and renewing skin. Avocado oil softens and smoothens the skin. 

I have learnt to do an interesting solid eye cream which actually also has as components these oils.

As an emergency solution for dark circles and puffiness, I apply cold green tea bags (used before for preparing a tea). I preliminary keep the tea bags several minutes in the freezer. Then I put them under eyes for 5 minutes.

If I have aggressed eyes by powerful sunshine, for example when I forget the sunglasses home, then I spray the Helichrysum italicum hydrolate. It has a calming effect.

I have attended a conference about eye yoga. It was quite enlightening to discover that our eye is a muscle and if regularly trained, then we can improve our eye vision. I work a lot in front of laptop and definitely need a habit to care about the eyes. I will write about it in a separate post.

Everything I shared makes sense for me when harmoniously integrated into my life journey. 

As usual, I would love hearing from YOU. What works best for YOU and what makes YOUR LIFE harmonious?

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