My Face Skin Care Ritual

My Face Skin Care Ritual

I will share with you my solution on how to take care of the face skin in a natural way. This is my ritual, my way and it definitely works best for me. It is integrated into my life and I feel well. It is natural for me and at a certain moment it became a habit. A habit of health and inner happiness. It is truth that it took me quite a while to define it.

My daily face skin ritual consists of several simple steps. Evening: vegetable oil, then hydrolate, then serum and afterwards eventually cream. In the morning I use hydrolate and then creams. Details are following.


My Evening Ritual

Our skin and soul deserve an evening ceremony to get rid of all day pollution, relax and recharge with new energy and new elements over the night. It is also my moment with myself. 

I start with organic jojoba oil. It is suitable for any type of skin. It regulates the secretions of sebum and protects the skin from dehydration. It is quickly absorbed by skin and does not make it greasy. I like a lot jojoba oil, however looking for alternative oils which are produced locally and which would make less carbon impact than a product travelling from thousands km. Other type of vegetable oil for cleansing could be apricot oil. 

I put into hands vegetable jojoba oil and then I gently massage it on the neck, on the face, under the eyes like I would wash my skin using the oil. I start with the neck because I usually have make up on the face and prefer not to disperse it on the neck. I use approximate 1 big spoon of oil. Ideally is to invest around 2 minutes in cleaning the face skin. I should be honest that do not have always the patience. I have even bought a sand timer to help me. Finally, it is about enjoying. 

Then I spray well on the top with hydrolate of immortelle (Helichrysum italicum). I do not use anymore water, only hydrolates. I have a dedicated post about that. I wonder why we are not taught from the school how correctly to take care of our skin and have to discover it so late?

Water is literately “washing” our skin. Any type of water: tap, mineral, thermal. The hydrolate is a distilled water and is discharged from electrolytes. It is pure. The hydrolate molecules have followed the water and are anti-inflammatory. They boost skin immunity. I can replace Helichrysum italicum hydrolate from time to time with Chamomile, roman (Chamaemelum nobile) hydrolate.

Only after this 2nd step I clean well the face with Reusable Organic makeup remover pads. I always thought that oils will make my face skin greasy or will generate acne next day. Not at all, if it is the right type of vegetable oil, of good quality and in combination with a hydrolate. It took me a while to even dare testing it since the fear was really high. Oil? Really?

I preferred looking for formulas to cook cream face cleanser. Once I found the courage and went for oil approach, I immediately have noticed that skin is well cleaned and moreover very well nourished. I gave up completely to cream cleansers, tonic and any micellar water. The approach is very simple and the effect is impressive.

Once the skin is clean, I massage a special serum (made by me) on face, neck, neckline and hands. 

If I would have to chose only one cosmetic product in my life, it would be this serum. Hope I have made you curious. It contains a synergy of 3 essential oils and 2 vegetable oils, which together generate a powerful effect, as well as aroma. 

avoid the eyes since serum includes essential oils. I apply quite a generous amount of serum on the face and do simple massage movements. I take the time to gently massage the face. The serum makes a REAL difference. Next day, my face skin looks healthy and happy. It is like it would have many layers.

Usually I do not add any face creams after the serum over the night. I only use an eye cream (made by me as well). It contains the extract of Acmella oleracea. It had the effect of famous injections. It relaxes the expression wrinkles within seconds.

I often apply in the evening avocado/rose vegetable oils instead of an eye cream over the night. I alternate them. Rose oil is hydrating, revitalising and renewing skin. Avocado oil softens and smooth the skin. 


My Morning Ritual

When I get up in the morning, I first drink a glass of water. Then I spray on the face immortelle hydrolate (Helichrysum italicum hydrolate). Since it is pure distilled water with zero additives, I keep the eyes open. Yes, the eyes are open. Again, it was just a matter of overcoming the fear 1st time. The mist is awaking my body and soul in the morning. I smile to myself in the mirror. Good morning! It energizes me for the full day.

Under the eyes, I use an aloe gel roll, which I keep in the fridge. It is cold and brings a fresh sensation. It is also made by me and contains Aloe vera gel, vegetable oil and active ingredients like hyaluronic acid. 

Then I am preparing for the day. When ready to apply make up, I spray the Helichrysum itallienne hydrolate again on the face. I let it dry a little bit and while the skin is still wet, I apply my home made eye and face creams.

Once per week, usually during the weekend, I do face masks. I have the habit of face masques from my mother. During my childhood I saw her doing home minute masks from ingredients available in the kitchen.

I also prefer doing fresh face masques. It actually takes only several minutes to prepare. I do different masks each time and adapt them to the status of the skin and to the desired result. I use the ingredients I have at home like honey, yogurt, oils, fruits or vegetables. 

With the time I have got my habits and have some stocks of products I use for my cosmetics like hyaluronic acid and that can be easily added to minute masks. I apply them on the face and I do not forget about neck and hands that are barometers of our real age. Better not to ignore them. 

The ritual is about enjoying life, feeling well and harmonious with mySelf and become one whole with the Nature.


I hope that my experience would inspire you being curious, searching, testing and finding your own way. I would love hearing from you and would appreciate questions, comments and feedback. Let’s share our learnings, enlighten each others and enjoy our life. What works best for YOU and what makes YOUR LIFE harmonious?

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