My name is Lucia. My father was an astronomer astrophysics and he named me Lucia as a star bringing light.

The light of a person could be pale; I believe in power of the team making the light shining brighter. Imagine the sky full of stars which are harmoniously interconnected creating beautiful constellation and which have a cause and a story to say together. Therefore, let’s share, discover and learn together how to enjoy a healthier life in harmony with ourselves and nature. 


I will share with you why I have started to shift to home made cosmetic and afterwards actually transformed into a different mind-set and life style. I believe that the main driver for changes are the emotions that touch us deeply. Motion can be driven by eMotions. Which emotions shifted my mind-set and made me act immediately?

I have learned from my colleagues that there is an app where you can scan your food products and see how good they are for the health. I was curious and downloaded the app. At that time I was already taking care quite a lot about what I eat and it was more a confirmation of what I was already applying in my daily life. It was very useful in educating children by showing them the choices they do and making them to re-consider them. 

Then the app has launched cosmetics assessment. I have started to scan my products at home. I was more than shocked when I have seen the ingredients inside my cosmetic products and specially their potential effect on my health. The list of ingredients was always openly indicated, however, I was not knowledgeable enough to understand the impact. 

When I have seen the ingredients that are carcinogen and endocrine disruptor, I have felt like whole Mendeleev table was mixed in my cosmetics. These were the products I carefully selected and I loved. I was absolutely sure that they are very green. Moreover, they were not cheap at all. 

In fact, the manufacturers inserted on the packaging the right words, the right colours that gave me the perception that it is full of natural ingredients and very healthy for me. I felt I was cheated. 

That is how my discovery of the “green washing” reality started. I have scanned all my and my family cosmetic products. The results I have got were 0 out of max possible for my shampoo! 6 out of 100 possible for my eye cream etc. They were full of doubtful unhealthy ingredients. 

It was so easy to throw them!!!! Even if I have invested quite a lot of cost perspective. I thought about the fact that I stop feeding myself with dangerous chemicals. I felt relieved!

As next step, I looked to replace the cosmetics and buy new products with clean ingredients. I spent a lot of time online analysing different products of new manufacturers. I bought them and again majority still had in composition ingredients to be avoided or products that were not suitable for me. I would have loved that my usual brand become clean!!! I was ready to pay more. 

Then I realized that actually I should not expect and wait others to change. I have realized that it is not about replacing one product by a new one. I was actually looking into the past. I had to start with myself. I sensed that it was even more than that. It is about a transformation that was happening inside myself. Everything was in my hands. I had to look at things differently. 

It was not about changing and becoming a better caterpillar, it was about transforming myself into a butterfly. I had to look into the future and create it. 

That is how I have started to learn, enlighten myself and make organic cosmetics by myself. Proud that, yes! I did and actually I enjoy doing it. I invest in learning, attending different courses, trainings, reading a lot, testing. I am visiting different places where the plants are grown and then transform into essential oils. I discover people around myself sharing same mind-set and passion! 

I feel ready to share my light. I have created my blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts! Quite a lot to learn being for the first time active in the digital world in personal life 🙂 . What might be obvious for you was totally new for me. Be tolerant please and don’t hesitate to let me know what can be done differently. 

I have the help and support of my husband, my children and my friends. My husband managed all blog, my daughter has designed the butterfly that represents my transformation, you are supporting and already contributing with the topics. Let’s discover, share and learn quicker together than each of us individually.

Together we can make the light brighter, more intense and more visible. At a certain moment it will be impossible to ignore it and our impact will become meaningful. Just imagine many butterflies on a field full of flowers. Each of us is individual, authentic and what a harmonious powerful imagine we create together. 

I believe that each decision we make matters, what we buy, what we eat, how we live, how we engage with each other. When we start transforming in a holistic way, we generate movement. As a consequence, we and the world starts changing around us. Remember, eMotions generate motion? Together we can make an impact greater than each of us alone.