Winter Skin Caring

Winter Skin Caring

During winter, we change our clothes and shoes to protect against cold, wind, temperature difference or we are cocooning ourselves while being back home.

Living in harmony with the nature means caring about the skin in rhytm with seasons. Either we protect our skin in advance or we solve winter consequences afterwards. Nature is empowering us to enjoy the winter and keep our skin healthy


Shea Butter

One simple solution is Shea butter. You might already use it. It is known to restore the barrier between the skin and the outside environment reducing the risk of skin dryness.

It is naturally non-comedogenic, so it does not clog pores and might be welcomed by well skin types.

I love applying shea butter on the hands whenever I feel they are dry because of weather conditions or hands sanitiser usage. It helps to moisturize the skin and gives a soft sensation.

I also massage my feet with a generous amount of shea butter and then slip them into socks. It let it overnight and the result is amazing.

Shea butter can also heal when skin is damaged. I love it pure protect my delicate lips exposed to cold winter. 


Nilotica Shea Butter

Nature is full of wonders. There is another type of Shea Butter, called Nilotica. It is obtained from nuts of Shea Nilotica tree that is a subspecies of the Shea tree Vitellaria paradoxa. 

It is less known. I love it because it has some advantages, especially when I want to use the butter as pure product on the skin:

– Nilotica Shea butter is very soft at room temperature. If you already use classical shea butter, you know that it is solid at room temperature. It is melting at +34 C.

– Nilotica Shea butter is better absorbed by the skin and leaves it less oily than classical Shea butter


As a result, Nilotica is much easier to be applied on the skin. I enjoy the velvety touch that it has on the skin. I love using it as pure or as ingredient integrated into my creations. It has benefits for skin and hair, in fact, all year round. No matter what type of shea butter I buy, I prefer it as 100% natural, organic, pure & raw and unrefined. It is easy to be found in online shops. 


Eco responsible life

The respect for the nature is essential to me and I prefer local organic products. However, the practices at thousands of kilometers and on all continents are impacting our Earth planet and ourselves. Either Shea Nilotica trees are giving us this wonderful butter, either they risk to be used as a source for charcoal. By supporting the producers with same values with ours on the other part of the planet, we reduce the deforestation and regenerate our planet & humanity.

In harmony with mySelf and Nature.

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