Chocolate Body Care

Chocolate Body Care

What about spoiling OurSelves? In a different way that we might have done during last days. Homemade gourmand body SPA. I was thinking about something simple, using ingredients we might already have in the kitchen or which we can add to our shopping list. In the same time, I wanted a recipe in the spirit of New Year Eve!



– dessert chocolate. I have used one organic chocolate tablet of 150 g, containing 70% cacao. It is enough for full body. 

– vegetable oil. I have used 5 table spoons of hazelnut organic oil. It is easily absorbed by skin and does not leave the skin oily as would do olive oil for example. 

– essential oil optional: I have added 2 drops of sweet orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis). It is known to boost circulation. Orange essential oil is photo sensible and I do not expose the skin to sun 6 hours after I apply the formula. That is why, I prefer to organize the home SPA in the evening.



I have melted the chocolate over a Bain Marie. Then I have taken it out and incorporated the vegetable oil. It had decreased the chocolate temperature. When it had around 30 degrees, I have added the essential oil. Yummy! What a Christmas aroma: chocolate, hazelnut and orange! and no consequence for the Silhouette. Vice versa, chocolate is known having lifting effect, improving the skin elasticity and skin regeneration. 

It is easy to spread the resulted chocolate mix over the full body, in bathroom of course. I love when it is still warm. I do a different mask for the face and keep it in the same time. Once applied, I wait 5-10 mins and then I rinse with warm water. I also add 1 drop of Ylang Ylang essential oil (Cananga Odorata) to the shampoo dosage directly into the hand. It makes my hair shining.

I feel spoiled after this SPA ritual! Easy and what an effect on body and spirit! 



Use vegetable and essential oils that you know are suitable for your skin and you have tried before. If you have never used before essential oils, better not to experiment. Speak to a pharmacist first and do a preliminary test to avoid any allergy. We all want to enjoy our New Year parties! 

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