Coffee body scrub by Valentina

Coffee body scrub by Valentina

I have learnt this recipe from my friend Valentina. It makes the skin smooth and velvet like of a baby.



You need minimum 2 ingredients:

  • coffee grounds
  • vegetable oil (olive/argan/jojoba/hazelnut/macadamia etc.). Preferable organic.

Coffee grounds are the residue from coffee brewing and you can use them even from the coffee capsules. I mix the coffee grounds and oil into a recycled yogurt container. Zero waste!

Then I can add other ingredient. Usually honey, aloe vera gel, banana or avocado.



I apply it on the full body, hands, neck. Not on the face. I make a different face mask and keep it at the same time.

Once full of oily coffee, I stay in the bathroom for at least 10 min waiting that all ingredients are making their effects on the skin. Quite an image! 

The coffee smell is invading and bringing a sensation of well being. By the way, there are studies about beneficial effects of coffee aroma. 

Then I rinse. Do not worry, you can clean the bathtub easily afterward.


A natural, toxin-free body scrub that respects your skin and also the environment!

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