My Body Care Ritual

My Body Care Ritual

My favourite products for the body are cacao solid bar butter and coffee body scrub.

Bath cacao solid bar butter

One of my favourite products which I use during the week, each time I see my body skin requires to be nourished. It is easier to be applied than a body cream and the effect is at least the same and even better. It contains organic cacao butter, organic macadamia vegetable oil, organic hazelnut vegetable oil, organic bee wax, organic shea butter and organic vitamin E. 

I use it on wet skin after the washing gel. I do not rinse it. I just go out of the bath and tap the body with a towel. I use it in the evening when I dress home clothes afterwards. It is an easy, quick and efficient way to nourish and hydrate the body. It has a smell of macadamia and hazelnut. It is very simple prepare it at home and the ingredients. One bar is consumed quite quickly. That is why I do several. 100 ml of formula gives 4-5 bars which are sufficient for 1 month. I keep one bar in the bathroom and rest in the fridge. Conservation time: 6 months.


Coffee body scrub by Valentina

I have learnt this recipe from my friend Valentina. I have adapted it and brought my own touch. The skin becomes really smooth, like of a baby, after this scrub.

I use the organic coffee marc and an organic vegetable oil (olive/argan/cherry, evening primrose). Then I can add other ingredients like honey, aloe gel, banana or avocado. I apply it on the full body, hands, neck. I do not apply it on the face. I make other masque for face and keep it in same time. 

Once full of coffee, I stay in the bathroom for at least 10 min waiting that all ingredients are making their effects on the skin. Quite an image! The coffee smell is invading and bringing a sensation of well being. By the way, there are studies about beneficial effects of coffee aroma. Then I rinse. Do not worry, you can clean the bathtub easily afterwards. 


These are two basic and simple things I do for the body care. I do have other recipes which I will share in dedicated posts. Meanwhile, I would love hearing from you. What works best for YOU and what makes YOUR LIFE harmonious?

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